Our bulk SMS services platform comes with a wide gamut of features which ensure that you get the optimal benefits out of your SMS campaigns. Following are some of the important features of our SMS platform.


Unlike other bulk SMS dashboards which confuse users, our dashboard comes with all user-friendly features which can make it easier for anyone to start creating campaign, assess success level of the campaign etc with no difficulty at all.


Create your SMS campaign within seconds without you having to go through any technical stuff. Create your campaign, schedule it as you want. It is all as easy as ABC.


Mark your SMS campaigns or individual text messages as your favourite to use or reuse them as per your convenience or to retrieve when needed.


Our SMS dashboard comes with innovative but user-friendly analytics panel which can help you analyse your campaign success. Get intelligent insights into sms campaigns you run with all reports ready for you at the click of the mouse.


Wish to bring your message home the easy way but afraid that your long SMS may get ignored? Do not worry, you can send long messages with two-three short messages glued together with all intelligence using Concatenation or our SMS Chain feature.


Don’t have much time to check your dashboard on and off? Well, you can save your time by getting notification through SMS every time a new RSS feed gets generated.


Wish to schedule your campaign? That is very easy. Create your campaign and set dates you would like to start it on and end it on. This will save your time and help you run campaigns as per your schedule. You can have the options such as quick send, split send and bulk send etc.


Your data is going to be 100% secure. Only admin will have the access to the data.


Wish to retrieve your data? It is all very simple. Just a few clicks and you will get your data back.


You can store your data no matter how big it is. You get unlimited data storage space..


Want to separate out the number that have requested for DND services? Our DND lookup feature will look for the numbers that are registered with DND services. This will help you market more legally.


It can all be much more result-oriented if you send messages to your targeted audience in their own preferred language. With our unique unicode feature, client can send text messages in the language their audience may prefer.


You can have the option to create lists or create groups as per your convenience. Thus, you can streamline your data and use them as you may wish to.


Not all the customers may wish to receive an SMS from you so it always necessary that you give your customers the choice to opt in or opt out as per their preference. This will further help you narrow down your market and target more interested groups in your business sphere.


For all your bulk SMS services in Hyderabad or for Bulk SMS Hyderabad, you can count on us.



Bulk SMS Aamurautz really have helped us a lot in marketing our business. We now have more number of customers
Sarman Jajua
I was really a bit apprehensive at the start, wondering how can Bulk SMS Services help me get new clients
Bandawan Kishore
I would just say “Excellent.” Really feel lucky to have got connected to you. You guys really have kept your
Sunita Khanna

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